VDI Horizon J1 Staff Desktop

1. If you are using a device that is not on the SMCC network you will need to connect your device via VPN. See link if you need assistance with VPN connection: FortiClient VPN

2. IT will have installed VMware Horizon Client on your laptop or other device, if you do not have Horizon Client please contact the IT Department. To launch Horizon Client, double click on the icon or search your system from the Start Menu (Windows) or Spotlight (Mac). The Icon will look similar to this:

3. Once you have opened Horizon Client you will be prompted to accept the terms. You must click accept.

4. You will then be prompted for User Name and Password. Enter your SMCC staff account name for the User Name and your password in the provided fields.
NOTE: you do not need to add @smccme.edu
Once you have entered your account information, click Login.

5. You will now see icons for any virtual desktops to which you have access. Select the icon that is labeled J1 Staff desktop. Double click on the J1 Staff desktop to open it.

6. You are now on the Horizon Virtual J1 Staff desktop. You can minimize or adjust the window size by clicking on the icons located at the top of the screen. If you are using dual monitors and want to move the virtual desktop to another screen, exit full screen (restore down) and drag the window to the monitor you want. 

7.  Before using the J1 Desktop software, you will need to run a one-time setup of the Infomaker configuration tool to set the connections to the database.  This requires an administrator password.  The HelpDesk can assist you.

8. To disconnect click Options and select Disconnect. Then click OK to confirm that you want to disconnect.

9. You can now close Horizon Client by clicking on the X in the top right of the VMware Horizon Client


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