How to fix "unsupported server" error in OneDrive / OneNote / other Office apps


  • You cannot access files in OneDrive or other Office apps, or they appear to be out of date.
  • You receive an error talking about unsupported server authentication
  • There is a program named "groove.exe" is running on your computer


This error is caused by an old version of the OneDrive client (groove.exe). Microsoft updated this application in the past but in some cases the update may not have worked correctly. In this case the old client is still attempting to sync files, but Microsoft no longer allows this version of the client to function.


1. Ensure that OneDrive (onedrive.exe) is installed on your computer.

2. Execute the following command as the user experiencing the issue: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe /takeover.  Do not run this command with administrator rights.

This command forces the new OneDrive client to take authority for syncing your files. The next time you try to use Office apps, you will need to sign in again.



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Tue 5/7/19 11:13 AM
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