How to check your Printing Balance

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At the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, each student is issued a $25 print credit.  Each time a document is printed to one of the printers on campus, the resulting charge is deducted from the $25 credit.  If printing charges exceed the $25 balance, additional charges are billed to the student.  Any credit balance is not carried forward to the next semester.    

You can check on your balance at any time on the SMCC campus by going to the following website:  Http://printer:9191/user  You will need to sign in with your username and password.  Currently, you can only check your balances on SMCC owned computers.

Please be aware of what you are seeing on this screen!

Initially, you are given a $25 CREDIT.  All printing is then deducted from that credit balance.  When you reach a negative balance - signified by a ( ) in the balance field - you are beginning to be charged.  We calculate the differences each month, i.e., what you printed and charged for that month,  and that amount is in your bill the next month.


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