All computer and telephone related requests including reporting non-working devices, request new/additional computer equipment or request a computer move/installation and changes to telephone features and recordings.

Services (7)

Laptop Loan Form

Use this service to request a loaner laptop

Report a non-working computer or device

Report non-working office and classroom computers, hardware and peripherals.

Request Hardware and Peripherals

Request to purchase computer hardware and peripherals, e.g., mice, printer, screens, monitors, PC, or any other technology related hardware.

Request Computer Move/Installation

Request computer moves and installation.

Report issues with a telephone

Report an issue or problem with an office telephone.

Request voicemail password reset

Reset to the default voicemail password so you can access voicemail.

Request telephone features

Add features like voicemail to email, twin to cell, a change to departments voicemail greeting and recordings.