Login issues

Since this request is concerning login issues with your SMCC account, please provide your full name, and a method for the IT department to reach you.  We can not, and will not, send you a password through Email.   

All SMCC services, as those listed below, use the same Username and Password combination. 
  • Brightspace, if you are enrolled in an online class,
  • Email,   your email address is  YourUsername@smccme.edu.
  • Office 365 - so you can download the office suite,
  • The computers on campus,
  • The SMCC Portal - My.SMCCME.edu/ics, 

Your Username and Password:
SMCC has sent your Username and an initial, randomized Password to your personal email address on record with the school.  Please check your personal email address for an email from SMCC.
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Wed 10/3/18 5:21 PM
Tue 10/20/20 1:31 PM