Where to get free Wi-Fi access

SMCC Community:
As a member of the SMCC Community (Faculty, Staff and Students) you have access to our Wi-Fi by onboarding to our eduroam network. 
*This also allows you to connect to any other educational establishment world-wide who subscribe to eduroam.

Guests to our campuses:
SMCC offers guest access to our Wi-Fi. Go to connect.smccme.edu to register.

Campus Coverage:

Outdoor Wi-Fi is available in five locations:

  • In parking lot B, near the CSEC building
  • Behind Campus Center
  • In parking lots C, D, and E, near Ross Tech and Health Science Center
  • In parking lot AA, near 8 Broadway
  • In most of the parking lots between MATEC and LCHSC in Brunswick
South Portland Midcoast
image of South Portland campus image od the midcoast campus

Elsewhere in Maine

The Study-From-The-Car project show many areas of the state where organizations have published that they have access to public free wifi


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