FortiClient VPN Access and Operation


SMCC's client based VPN is a tool for employees who need to access internal applications or services that are not accessible through the Web VPN. Connecting a computer to SMCC's network from off-campus over unknown infrastructure is a security risk that requires compensating controls. For this reason, a Remote Access Authorization Form must be completed by the employee requesting remote access. Request Form Here.  The form is then signed by the employee's supervisor as well as a representative from the IT department. Once the form has been completed, a ticket is created to install the FortiClient VPN on the employees laptop or other device and instructions will be given on operation. The user will also be added to the FortiClient_Users group which is allowed to sign into the VPN through the FortiClient.

FortiClient remote access may only be used on SMCC-owned equipment. This guarantees there are other security measures in place to protect the college's information assets. 

Once FortiClient has been installed follow these instructions below for connecting the VPN using your SMCC credentials.


1. IT will have installed FortiClient on your laptop or other device. To launch FortiClient, search your system from the Start Menu (Windows) or Spotlight (Mac). The Icon will look similar to this:

2. Once open, switch to the Remote Access tab and click on Configure VPN.

3. Enter the settings for SMCC's VPN endpoint - a Fortigate firewall. Click Save when finished.

Field Suggested or Required Value
Connection Name Friendly name to refer to this connection - SMCC is appropriate 
Description Optional additional information about the connection
Remote Gateway (Required)
Customize Port Checked / True (Required)
Customize Port Number 10443 (Required)
Client Certificate None
Authentication Prompt on login (Suggested)
Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate Unchecked (Required)


4. Enter your SMCC credentials in username / password format. Do not include the suffix to your username. 

5. You will be connected to the VPN and will have access to internal resources. If you discover resources that are not available, please contact the IT HelpDesk about the issue. Your ticket will be routed to the networking team who will determine whether or not it is appropriate to allow access to said resources from a VPN. 

6. To disconnect from the VPN, click the Disconnect button in the FortiClient application or by clicking on the System Tray icon. 

Note: FortiClient will periodically update its components with Fortinet servers to ensure you are running the latest and most secure software. 



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