Web VPN Access and Operation

All SMCC Employees are allowed to use the web browser based VPN accessible through most modern web browsers. This remote access technology allows you to either A) connect to your on-campus computer through a secure Remote Desktop session or B) access personal and department file shares of which you have permission. 

To use the Web VPN:

1. Navigate to https://vpn.smccme.edu:10443/remote/login?lang=en 

2. Login with your SMCC credentials. The username should not have the @smccme.edu suffix. 

3. Once logged in you will see clickable tiles: 2 that are premade by IT and any that you have created. These are known as Bookmarks open internal resources through the web browser. 

  • HOME - N is a bookmark to the \\staffserver2\home directory where users' N: drive is mapped to. This is sometimes referred to as the home drive. Users will need to find their home folder in the list of all employees' directories. Note: you only have permission to your directory. Clicking other employees' directories will result in an access denied error.
  • DEPARTMENTS - S is a bookmark to the \\staffserver2\departments folder where academic, admistrative, and other departments store shared access files. This is also where the CampusWide folder resides. Note: you only have permission to departments of which you have been granted access. Clicking other departments' directories will result in an access denied error if you do not have permission to the folder. 

4. To create a Bookmark to remotely access your on-campus computer, first click the "New Bookmark" button.

5. Select the RDP option under the computer logo and then fill in the required fields: 

  • Name: the name of your Bookmark, will be displayed on your Web VPN homepage.
  • Host: the name of your computer. For staff and faculty, this is usually the same as your username with a .smccme.edu appended to the end. For example, John Smith, with the username JSmith has a computer whose name is also JSmith. John's email is jsmith@smccme.edu while his computer name (AKA host name) is JSmith.smccme.edu. 
  • Port: leave at 3389
  • Description: A friendly description of your Bookmark.
  • Use SSL-VPN Credentails: True / On
  • Keyboard Layout: English (US) keyboard
  • Security: Allow the server to choose the type of security. 

Click Save to create the Bookmark.

6. Now that the Bookmark is on your Web VPN homepage, click the Bookmark to start a Remote Desktop session.

7. A new tab will open in your browser with your Remote Desktop session. You will be able to move the mouse and enter characters with your keyboard. Advanced Remote Desktop features like copying and pasting or connecting USB devices are not available. 


8. When you are finished with accessing the Web VPN - either a remote session with your computer or access fileshares- just close your browser to terminate your session.


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