Updating a Project Task

1 – Navigate to the Team Dynamix software in your browser:  



2 – Sign in using your SMCC regular credentials


3 – Click on the tab ‘Projects/Workspaces’

(*Note: You can now see your name displayed rather than the ‘Sign In’ button)

4 – Select the project you wish to view by clicking on the title.

(*Note: You may only see one here)


5 – Project overview page:

(*Note: On this page you will see the higher level details of the project, Description, Dates, Goals etc.

Explore the tabs, they hold the finer detail.

We will be focusing on the ‘Plans’ Tab, but also note that any project related documents will be uploaded to the ‘Briefcase’)

Click the Plans Tab


6 – Complete your Tasks:

(*Note: this page has 2 sections, My Tasks and Plans.

My Tasks: These have been assigned to you and you can clisk on the task title and update progress

Plans: This is the entire plan for the project if you click on the Plan name you will see all project tasks and not just your own, there may be multiple plans in a big complicated project)

Click a task title to see the detail and update that task


7 – Update Task Progress:

(*Note: you can see all of the details entered about the task in this window)

Click ‘Update’


8 – Save you progress:

(*Note: You can select or type a ‘Percentage Complete’, write a ‘Comment’ and choose who you want to notify on the project team that to have completed the update)

Click ‘Save’ to complete




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