How to reduce your printing costs

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SMCC charges students for printing beyond their 25 dollar initial credit.  The college does grant each student a $25 credit per Fall and Spring term.  Any balance not used is NOT carried forward to the next semester. 

Please be aware that there are ways to reduce your printing costs:

  • Always perform a Print Preview prior to printing to ensure the document is how you want it to look;
  • Ensure you are double-sided printing, this reduces the cost by nearly half;
  • If printing on a color printer, if you must, ensure you print in grayscale, and only print in color on your final product;
  • If you are printing a Powerpoint presentation, please consider changing the print option under Powerpoint print settings to have more slides per page.  The setting to modify is "Full Page Slides" and you will be given the option to select the number of slides per page.  4 slides per page is good.

Remember you are given a $25 credit at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester.  Once you have exhausted the $25 credit, you are charged for the amount you printed that month.  The next month you are charged for the amount you printed in THAT month.


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