Sending Faxes from a computer using the FaxFinder Client

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You can see if you have the FaxFinder client in the Start Menu: Windows 10 Start Menu - Fax Finder Client

To send a fax you just print it, and complete the "Contact Details" for the fax number and the contact you want to send the fax to. 

Below is an example of how to fax a Word document but the same can be used for faxing pdfs, or any other type of document that can be printed.

Microsoft Word Example:

1. In the word document click on the print menu as if you are going to print the document and find the "Multi-Tech FaxFinder" printer in the list:


2.  Select "Print"

3.  Click the "To" button to add the information for the number and person you want to deliver the fax to,

Below you see an example of my fax info completed. when you have added the contact details click "OK" to return to the FaxFinder Client:

(*Note: Only the fax number is compulsory, you can check the "Add to Personal Contacts if you think you will use this same contact again)

4.  You can enter a 'Subject' for the cover sheet

5.  You can enter 'Comments' which will also appear on the cover sheet

6. You can attach further documents if you wish at this time

7. Click "Send" and your fax will be delivered

The pdf file that I received is attached on the right-hand side of this page



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