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Adobe CC Shared Device Licensing Overview

Information about the new licensing model for Adobe Creative Cloud products in computer labs. This article is not applicable to employee devices.

Adobe Sign Procedure for Curriculum Committee Forms

Describes the procedure to fill, complete, sign, and submit forms for the Curriculum Committee.

Citrix "Cannot log on using a smart card" error

How to get signed into the Citrix VDI environment when you receive the error message "You cannot log on using a smart card."

How to fix "unsupported server" error in OneDrive / OneNote / other Office apps

Describes the fix for an "unsupported server" error that you may receive when trying to log in or access files in OneDrive or other Office apps.

Initial Set up of J1 QAS

Initial Set up of J1 QAS

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Software on Personal Devices

This document is intended for SMCC employees. It describes how they can sign in, download, and install Adobe CC products on their personal and work computers.

Installing Software on your SMCC-owned PC or Laptop using Software Center

There are certain pieces of software you are able to install on your SMCC computer without HelpDesk assistance.  They are built within the Software Center to install without an administrator password, so you are able to install them on your own at any time.

J1 Final Steps

Required final configuration steps for Infomaker. Used after initial install of EX or after an upgrade.

My Word or Excel Document is Opening in Protected View

This article explains why your document is opening in protected

Unable to cancel personal Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

Users must sign in to Adobe and choose Personal Account.

Using Microsoft Word Track Changes feature

Short instructional on how to turn on Track Changes in MS Word.