Self Service Password Reset First Time Setup


When you log in for the first time*, you will be asked to set up recovery information. By adding this information, you will be able to use it to reset your password on your own, without needing to call the IT HelpDesk.

You may cancel this process if you don’t want to set up recovery information at the moment. Just be aware that until it’s set up you can’t reset your password without calling the HelpDesk.

You must configure at least 2 recovery methods to use self-service password reset. You may optionally configure more, which will give you more options when you try to reset your password.


*You will also be prompted on every login thereafter if you skip the setup process.

Recovery Methods

Authentication Phone:

Add any phone (landline or cell) here that you would like to use as a verification method.

What happens: When you use this method to verify your identity, you’ll receive an automated phone call. It will ask you to press the pound (#) key. Once you do, you’ll be allowed to continue with your password reset.

Note: This method will give you the option to call or text your phone during the reset process. If you had put a landline in, the text option will still be available but will not work.

Here’s a sample of what the phone call will sound like.


Authentication Email

Add any personal email address that you would like to use. You cannot use an email address for this method.

What happens: You will receive an email with a verification code. Enter the code on the password reset page to continue.


Security Questions

Pick 3 security questions from the list of available questions and enter your answers.

What happens: You’ll be asked to answer your security questions. The answers are not case sensitive.


Finish Setup

Once you have at least two recovery methods configured, click the Finish button to proceed with your login.

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