Your Username and Password

All SMCC services, including those listed below, use the same Username and Password combination. 
  • Brightspace, if you are enrolled in an online class,
  • Email,   your email address is
  • Office 365 - so you can download the Office suite,
  • The computers on campus,
  • The SMCC Portal -, 

Student Username and Password:
SMCC created your Username and Password from the information you provided the school.  Items which affect your username and password are not providing a middle name and not providing a social security number.

Username = This is the combination of your First Name + Middle Initial + Last Name.  There are no spaces in the username. There are no special characters such as, apostrophes  ' , dashes - , or periods .   Your username is all lower case and is a maximum of 20 characters in length.  Your username is the part of your e-mail address before the @ symbol.
Attention: If you didn’t provide the school with your middle name or initial, then leave out the middle initial in your username.

Password =Your initial default password is the First Initial of your First Name + the First four letters of your Last Name + the Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).  There are no spaces in the password.  The password is all lower case. 

Attention: If you didn’t provide the school with your SSN, you need to use the last 4 digits of your STUDENT ID.

Email Address = Your email address contains your username followed by, as in

Examples:  (names and numbers are fictitious)    
Michael X St. John, with a social security number of 123-45-6789
Username:  michaelxstjohn     Password:  mstjo6789   Email Address:
Ali M Abdi with a social security number of 987-65-4321


Username: alimabdi    Password: aabdi4321   Email Address:


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