Getting started with MyWorkspace (Citrix)

Mac users will find your directions here

Chromebook users will find your download here and can proceed to step 7 after you have installed the app. 


1 – Navigate to the MyWorkspace site in your browser or click the link ion the portal header

SMCC portal

2 – Login  

You will need to login to the single-sign on system.

Login Screen

3 – Detect Citrix Workspace Application (Receiver)

Click the blue 'Detect Receiver' button

Citrix Reciever

4 – Accept Agreement and download software

Click on the 'I agree...." checkbox once you have read and if you agree with the licensing agreement then click 'Download'

Licence screen

5 – Install software

Click on the installer at the bottom left of your browser window

install software

6 – Complete the install steps

Click 'Start' 

first installer window

Click the 'I accept the license agreement' then click 'Next'

license agreement

Click 'Install'

(Do not choose the 'Enable app protection', it is designed for highly secure environments and you will be blocked from doing certain things you will want to do)

app Protection option


Installation complete

Click 'Finish'

7 – Detect the Receiver

Now you have the software installed you can instruct the browser to find it and launch the application by clicking 'Detect again'

Detect the receiver

8 – Launch Citrix Workspace 

Click 'Open Citrix Workspace Launcher'

Launch the app

9 – My workspace home 

The MyWorkspace Home will open and you will be on the home screen, notice there are 2 other tabs, 'Apps' and 'Desktops'. If you have access to more than one desk top or app they will be listed on these tabs.

Click on the name of the desktop you want to launch, here we see one called 'General Use Desktop'

10 – Get productive! 

The desktop will launch and you will see some options at the top:



  • Q: How do I log out of this desktop?

A: You can simploy log out as you would on any windows machine by clicking on the Windows Start, or choose "Ctrl+Alt+Del" or 'Disconnect' from the Citrix navigation bar at the top of the Citrix desktop.  

If you do not log off but simply disconnect the session; it will remain active on the server for 30 minutes and then log you off, so make sure you save your work before disconnecting!

  • Q: Can I move the desktop to another monitor

A: Yes, if it opens in full-screen view, you can open the Citrix menu and choose 'Window' then move it around like any other application


  • Q:  How and where do I save my files? 

A: When you do a File Open or File Save from any application and the dialog box appears, make sure This PC is expanded, and you will see your local disk and your Student Network Drive(s).  Saving to the network ensures that your files are backed up.  Saving to your local drive means the files are available to you off-line.  Make the best selection for your needs.  If you save to the C: drive, make sure you save to the C drive on your computer and not the C: drive on the vm.  The local drive on the vm will delete when you sign off.

  • Q: I get a "smart card" error when I try to go to

A:  Click on the link to see this article for help: Citrix "Cannot log on using a smart card" error



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