Citrix "Cannot log on using a smart card" error

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This message is received when Citrix can't communicate with SMCC's Single-Sign-On process, usually because your login has timed out on a different browser tab accessing the SMCC portal. There are a number of ways to resolve or work around it:  Try any or all of the following: 

1) Use the Citrix Workspace App from the windows start menu instead of the browser.  

2) Close your browser and re-open. 

3)  Clear your browser cache (varies by browser).

4) Open a private or incognito browser window. 

5) Reboot your computer. 

If none of these resolve the issue or if you need assistance with a particular option, feel free to reach out to SMCC IT HelpDesk..  


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Fri 2/5/21 12:48 PM
Fri 7/30/21 1:28 PM