eduroam - Connecting with an iOS device

Methods for connecting to eduroam:

There are two options for connecting to SMCC's WiFi networks:

  1. Onboarding using SMCC offers a helper app called SecureW2 that will walk you through the necessary steps to connect to eduroam using a certificate rather than a username & password. The certificate is valid for 3 years and if your password changes during those three years your device will stay connected and avoid lockout issues. Your device will also connect to the eduroam network at other colleges and organizations who participate in the federation. 
  2. Directly connecting using your SMCC email and password. This method is slightly less secure than onboarding your device and will stop working if your password is changed for any reason. We recommend that you log in directly only in cases where onboarding is not possible (example: some Chromebooks).


Onboarding using

To onboard your iOS device follow these steps:

1. If you are on the SMCC campuses first connect to the SMCC wireless network. This network is used to either a) onboard devices to eduroam or b) sign onto the network as a guest. If you are not on the SMCC campus you may prepare your device to connect ahead of your arrival by starting with step #2.

2. Open Safari from your Home screen and navigate to On this page you will have options to join eduroam, register as a guest, and register a device for the SMCC-Gaming network. Click the button to join eduroam.

This page will redirect you to the setup page which is actually located at

4. Click the Sign In button when your device is auto-detected by SecureW2.

5. You will be redirected to the SMCC Single Sign On (SSO) page. Sign in with your normal username and password. Note: you can sign in with your username or your Both are accepted and there is no benefit to using one over the other.

6. Once authenticated you will be redirected back to SecureW2. The Sign In button has been replaced with a JoinNow button. Click to continue.

7. Clicking JoinNow will download a configuration profile which contains the settings required to connect to eduroam.

You will be prompted to allow the download and then be told to go to the Settings app to review the profile.

8. When you go to the Settings app, there will be an option near the top of the main Settings screen to view the profile. You can also access the Profiles settings by going to General > Profiles.

9. Click the option to install the profile.

10. Your device will ask for your PIN code and to confirm installing a non-standard certificate. 

11. Once the configuration profile has been succesfully installed click the Done button and you will be redirected back to SecureW2 for some final instructions on switching wireless networks.

Important: If you receive an error message similar to "The SCEP server returned an invalid response", it means that your login wasn't accepted for some reason. Go back to step 3 and try again, or contact the IT HelpDesk for assistance at 207-741-5696.

12. With the profile installed, you can now join the eduroam network.

13. Be sure to also forget the SMCC network by clicking the (i) next to it and then clicking Forget Network. Otherwise your device will automatically reconnect to the SMCC network and won't have internet access.


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