Enterprise Level Applications which the SMCC IT department supports


The SMCC IT department supports a wide variety of enterprise level applications for the purpose of providing our constituents the best possible service.  Below is a listing of most of the enterprise level applications.  


Those enterprise level applications include:

  1. Jenzabar - The database, the client, the MySMCC portal, any of the department modules and Infomaker.
  2. Teamdynamix - The application you are in currently, we can assist departments with creating their own services(ITSM) or project management services (PPM).
  3. SecureCheck and Securepay - Our check writing software for student refund checks.
  4. EMS  - The facility/classroom/building/rentable space Reservations system.
  5. PowerFaids - The student information system for our Financial Aid team.
  6. Rave/Alertus - Our safety and security system for mass notifications in cases of emergency and school cancellations.
  7. Email - Google Apps for education.
  8. Salesforce - CRM application.
  9. Ponopto - Enterprise recording software.  Allows you to record your class and share the video.
  10. Zoom - Group collaboration software.  Allows for sharing of screen, presentations, etc.
  11. Acuity Scheduling - Time scheduling system, giving you access to 30 or 60 minute blocks of time with SMCC employees.
  12. SA Guardian - Dorm Room key assignment software












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