Create/Change users, groups, and report access

This service offers you the ability to request housekeeping tasks for the enterprise applications listed below.  Non-urgent (i.e., not reporting of a system being down) requests to add/remove/change users, groups, and others to the enterprise applications listed below.  Additionally this is where you can ask for report access, folder access or other general access to the applications listed below.

Those enterprise level applications include:

  1. Jenzabar - The database, the client, any of the modules and infomaker issues.
  2. Teamdynamix - The application you are in currently, if you need to notify us of a problem with a person and/or their access to the teamdynamix system.
  3. SecureCheck and Securepay - Problems printing a check(s) or problems with those systems.
  4. EMS  - Reservations systems
  5. PowerFaids - Financial aid system
  6. Email - Google Apps for education.


For a complete and currently supported enterprise application list, please access the related article on the right.



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