eduroam - Connecting with a Windows device


There are two options for connecting to SMCC's WiFi networks:

  1. Onboarding using SMCC offers a helper app called SecureW2 that will walk you through the necessary steps to connect to eduroam using a certificate rather than a username & password. The certificate is valid for 3 years and if your password changes during those three years your device will stay connected and avoid lockout issues. Your device will also connect to the eduroam network at other colleges and organizations who participate in the federation. 
  2. Directly connecting using your SMCC email and password. This method is slightly less secure than onboarding your device and will stop working if your password is changed for any reason. We recommend that you log in directly only in cases where onboarding is not possible (example: some Chromebooks).


Onboarding using

To onboard your Windows device follow these steps:

1. If you are on the SMCC campuses first connect to the SMCC wireless network. This network is used to either a) onboard devices to eduroam or b) sign onto the network as a guest. If you are not on the SMCC campus you may prepare your device to connect ahead of your arrival by starting with step #2.

2. Open Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, or another web browser and navigate to Your browser may auto-navigate to this site. On this page you will have options to join eduroam, register as a guest, and register a device for the SMCC-Gaming network. Click the button to join eduroam.

2. This page will redirect you to the setup page which is actually located at

3. Click the JoinNow button when your device is auto-detected by SecureW2.

4. A Windows application EXE file will download.

5. Once the download completes, navigate to the EXE file through your browser's downloads list or through Windows Explorer. Double click the EXE file to run it. Note: you may need to locate the EXE file in your Downloads folder or your browsers default save location.

6. The EXE file will ask permission to make changes to computer. You will be warned about the authenticity of the app. Click the Yes button to continue.

7. Once open, you will see the SMCC logo and some initial steps to begin the onboarding process. Click Next to continue.

8. You will be redirected to the SMCC Single Sign On (SSO) page. Sign in with your normal username and password.

9. Once authenticated you will be redirected back to the SecureW2 wrapper. The wrapper will continue the setup process by enrolling a digital certificate, creating a wireless network profile, and attempting to connect to the eduroam network. There may be dialog boxes that pop up asking your permission to trust a certificate. If everything works as expected the process should end with a message on the SecureW2 wrapper saying "Joined...". Note: users that are setting this network up prior to arrival on campus will not be able to connect until they are in range of a wireless access point broadcasting eduroam.

10. You may need to select eduroam from the list of wireless networks. To set eduroam as your primary wireless network, forget other wireless networks that are broadcasting near you until eduroam automatically connects.








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