J1 Final Steps


This document details required settings changes to make J1 and InfoMaker work correctly. These steps must be performed once per user after an J1 installation or upgrade.


  1. Go to Start > Jenzabar One Desktop 2019 and run the InfoMaker Configuration Tool for Jenzabar as Administrator.
  2. Click Apply All Settings in the lower right
  3. Go to the Optional tab
  4. Click the >> button to copy the profiles on the left side to the right.
    1. Do this step even if you have three profiles on the right already.
  5. Click Create Shared Profiles
  6. You will probably be asked to confirm creating the shared profiles file. Click Yes.
  7. Click OK if you receive a warning or error after creating the profiles.
  8. Close the InfoMaker Configuration Tool for J1.
  9. Go to Start > Sybase and open InfoMaker 12.5
  10. If you are asked to create the default PBL “ppb15.pbl” (or anything else), do so.

The Final Steps are now complete. Please test a query or report to make sure there are no other issues.


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