Adobe CC Shared Device Licensing Overview

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About Shared Device Licensing

Starting with Creative Cloud 2019, Adobe no longer offers serialization as an option for computer lab installs of the suite. The new licensing method is called Shared Device Licensing (SDL).

With SDL, students gain access to most of the cloud-based functionality that had been lacking from the serialized installs. TypeKit, cloud file sync, and more are available.

However, this added functionality does come at a small price. Students are now required to log in to Creative Cloud in order to use the software. They will also be periodically prompted to confirm they are still actively using the software. Students may log in using their standard SMCC account or a personal Adobe account, if they have one.


  • File synchronization is available but disabled by default to avoid overuse of lab computer hard drives.

  • Logging in with an account that has a paid license to Creative Cloud will cause the software to unlock all functionality including the few features which are not available to SDL licenses. This is now also a supported use case where it was not with serialized installs and caused problems.

  • This information does not apply to employees of SMCC. It is only applicable to SMCC owned and operated computer labs.

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