What is the FollowMe Printer queue?


SMCC is using a comprehensive printing management system called PaperCut.  PaperCut gives us many exciting features including the ability to track printing, ability to print confidential documents (via the FollowME printer queue), end user access to their printing charges, etc.  We will be using PaperCut to charge students for printing.  "FollowMe" printing gives the end user the ability to release a print job from any of the Xerox photocopiers on their time and terms.  The maximum hold time for a FollowME print job(the amount of time the system will hold the job before deleting the print job) is 48 hours.

FollowME will hold a print job until the end user responsible for the print job releases the job - either by scanning the SMCC ID card or entering their SMCC username and password manually.  All staff and faculty have at least one Xerox photocopier installed on their PC.  If not, you can search the KB article for "addiing a printer" to do so.


When do I use FollowME printing and when do I use the regular printer queue for the same photocopier?

  • FollowME is a special printer queue designed to allow an end user the ability to release a printer job they printed at the time and place of their choice.  The job, literally, follows the person to the Xerox photocopier with a card reader where they can then release the job.
  • Use the FollowME queue if you are printing a confidential document and you want to release the document when you get to the photocopier.  You can also release the FollowME job on ANY Xerox photocopier which has a card reader installed.
  • You don't have to use the FollowME printer queue, if you want to print a document without signing on/using your SMCC ID card, simply print to the normal Xerox photocopier printer queue.  The naming convention for the normal(not needing to sign in/use your card) is  Photocopier-bldg/office-01,  examples  Photocopier-Tech-01, Photocopier-CC-Stud-01, Photocopier-Hague-01

An example of it in use:

I print a confidential report to the FollowME printer queue.  I walk up to a Xerox photocopier in a different building(if I want) or my local Xerox photocopier, swipe my SMCC ID card on the card reader and select the "Print Release" icon on the screen.  If I don't have my card, I have to manually enter my SMCC username and password.

I can print to the same Xerox photocopier using the standard Photocopier-bldg-01 printer queue and the print job prints instantly.

Use FollowME Use the regular photocopier printer queue
When you want to control the release of a print job When you don't want to wait for a print job - the job prints instantly.
When the print job is confidential When the print job is not confidential
When you want to release a print job at another Xerox photocopier When you want to print to a specific Xerox photocopier                               





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