Installing Software on your SMCC-owned PC or Laptop

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There are certain pieces of software you are able to install on your SMCC computer without HelpDesk assistance.  They are built within the Software Center to install without an administrator password, so you are able to install them on your own at any time.

1. You must be connected to the SMCC network.  If you need software on a laptop, you will need to bring it to campus.  

2. Click the windows Start button, type "soft" to search for "Software Center" (you do not have to be in a search box; just start typing after clicking the windows start button), and run the app.

3. Software Center will open, and you will see the list of applications you can install on your machine.  This list will vary by both user and machine, so you may not always see the same software.  

NOTE:  If your machine has not been connected to the network in some time, this screen may appear blank.  Leave the system powered on and connected to the network so the application can update and synchronize, and eventually it will populate.  

4.  Double-click the desired application, and it will install. 

As always, if you have any trouble, please contact the HelpDesk at 741-5696 or log a ticket at





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