Unable to cancel personal Adobe Creative Cloud subscription


You are a student or employee and want to cancel your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription which you pay for yourself. However, you get an error about contacting an SMCC administrator when you try to do so.


If you're already logged in to Adobe.com, log out. Then, sign back in. The login screen will ask if you are using a company/school or personal account, and you must choose Personal Account. Do not choose Company or School Account.

Important Notes

  • If you are a student, please be aware that SMCC does not provide you a home license for Adobe CC. If you need to use Adobe products off-campus, you will need to pay for them yourself.
    • Cancelling your personal subscription will not affect your ability to use Adobe software in SMCC computer labs.
  • If you are an employee of SMCC, you may safely cancel your personal subscription. You are provided a one-computer license of Adobe CC while you are employed by the College.
  • Adobe's login page will not ask you to choose personal or school if you only have one type of account, so not all users will have to choose.


Article ID: 98914
Fri 2/21/20 8:41 AM
Fri 2/21/20 3:04 PM