Using the Avaya IP Phone


This guide will give you a basic understanding of how to use an Avaya IP phone. This is the standard issue phone for SMCC staff members.

Accessing your voice mail box is easy.  On campus, dial 5740   Off campus, dial 741-5740.

A Tour of the Phone

Here is a picture of the phone:


Making an Internal Call

  1. Lift the handset, press the Speaker button, or press the Headset button.
  2. Dial your party's 4 digit extension.

Note: If you dial the extension with the handset in the cradle, the phone will go into speaker mode. You can disable this by picking up the handset or pressing the Headset button (if applicable).

Making an External/Outside Call

  1. Go off-hook as you would for an internal call.
  2. Dial 8, followed by the external number you wish to call.

Note: If you dial 8 and then the number with the handset in the cradle, the phone will go into speaker mode. You can disable this by picking up the handset or pressing the Headset button (if applicable).

Answering a Call 

If you are not on active call: 

  1. As the phone rings, lift the handset, press the Speaker or Headset button, or press the Answer soft key if one appears (call will answer on speaker). 
    • Pressing To VM soft key sends an alerting, direct call made to your extension, to your voicemail box. 
    • Pressing the Ignore soft key silences the ring for any alerting call presenting to your phone. 

If you’re already on a call: 

  1. Press the flashing call appearance button of the new call; your first call is placed on hold automatically. 
    • If you’d like to disconnect the call you just answered, and return to the previous call, press the Drop softkey, then press the blinking call appearance button on which the first call was held. 

Muting a Call 

  1. During a call, press the Mute button; The button lamp will light up. The other person cannot hear you. 
  2. Press the Mute button again to unmute the call. 

Note: If a call is on mute and you switch between the handset, headset, or speakerphone, mute will be turned off.

Transferring a Call 

  1. While on an active call, press the Transfer soft key, located at the bottom of your display. 
  2. Dial the extension number, or press a button assigned to a user (if programmed to your phone). 
  3. You can wait to announce the call to the destination user, then hang up to finish the transfer.
    • You may also press the Complete soft key or hang up to transfer the call without announcing it. 
  4. To pull back a transfer, press the Cancel soft key. 

Transferring Calls Directly to Another Extension’s Voicemail 

  1. While on an active call, press the Transfer soft key. 
  2. Press the # key, then dial the extension number, or press the appropriate user button, if you have any programmed to your phone. 
  3. Press the Complete soft key, or just hang up, to finish the transfer. 

Placing a Call on Hold

  1. Press the HOLD soft key to put your active call on hold.
    • The call appearance button’s green LED will flutter, indicating the call is on hold. A icon also appears next to the call information. 
  2. To resume a held call, press the call appearance button on which the call was held. A held call not picked up will eventually ring back as a reminder. 

Note: Held calls can’t be claimed anywhere else except at your phone. You must use Call Park. 

Do Not Disturb 

  1. If programmed to your phone, press the feature button labeled “DND”. An N (= No Calls) is shown on your phone's display. The green LED will remain on. You can still use the phone to make outgoing calls; when you go off-hook you will hear ‘changed’ dial tone. 
  2. To deactivate, press the DND button again. The LED will shut off. 

Note: Enabling do not disturb won’t affect current incoming calls. Press the Ignore or To VM soft keys to defer the call.

Forward Calls 

A button with this action can be used to toggle forwarding on/off. 

  1. Press the programmed feature button labeled “Forward Calls”. The screen will change to show the forwarding menu. 
    • If setup with a pre-set phone number or a user’s extension (from a previous time you forwarded calls), that number is used as the forwarding destination. If you wish to change it, press the Clear soft key. 
    • When no forwarding number is set, start entering the extension or phone number you wish to forward all calls to. Make sure to dial “8” for any outside phone numbers. 
  2. Once you have a forwarding number entered in the number field, press the Save soft key.
  3. When the forwarding feature is enabled, the button's green LED is lit, and a “D” (= Diverting) is shown after your extension name on the phone's idle display. When you go off-hook, you will hear broken dial tone. 
  4. To disable the forwarding, press the Forward Calls button again. The green LED will go dark. 

Note: If you are forwarding to an outside phone number such as to a mobile phone, you must start the forwarding number using the “dial-out code” at the beginning, such as 8. This allows the system to know it will be dialing outside. Caller ID at the forwarded destination may come up as your business’s main #, or your extension’s inbound phone number. 

Conference Calling 

  1. While on an active call, press the Conf soft key. The current call is automatically put on hold, and your next call appearance is seized. 
  2. Dial the 1st party that you want to add to the conference. If they answer and want to join the call, press the Conf soft key again 
  3. If they do not want to join the call, or do not answer, press the DROP soft key and then press the call appearance key of the held call (will have a blinking LED). 
  4. Repeat steps 2-4 for additional parties. 

TIP: Dialing the short code *47 starts a conference call between yourself and any calls that you have on hold on your extension.

Using Call Log/History 

  1. Pressing the History button will open to show your call log records. If you have any new, missed calls, call in the “Missed” category will show at first,. 
    • The History button lamp illuminates if you have any new missed calls, as well as a icon will show at the upper left hand corner of the screen. It is pre-fixed with the number of missed calls. 
  2. Use the left/right navigation arrows to find the call log record you want displayed: all, missed, answered, or outgoing calls. 
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the records. 
  4. To call a log entry, press the key adjacent to the entry, or just go off-hook, and the phone will autodial the entry.

Accessing Your Visual Voicemail 

  1. Press the Message button;
  2. If prompted, enter your VM password, then press the Done or OK soft key.
  3. You are presented with the Visual Voice menu. 

Note: when setting up your voicemail for the first time the password is blank, hit the # key and you will be prompted to create a 4-digit password. 

Creating a Custom Greeting Message 

  1. By default, a generic system greeting that includes your recorded name is played when a person calls your voicemail box. Below is instruction to personalize a greeting to handle all calls. 
  2. In the Visual Voice menu, press the down arrow twice to Greeting and press . 
  3. Press the Record soft key . 
  4. Start speaking your greeting at the tone; press # to finish the recording. 
  5. When you have finished, press the Submit soft key to activate your personal greeting. 
  6. Press the Listen soft key to check your recording. 
  7. Press the appropriate softkey or hang up to complete the process. 






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