My Word or Excel Document is Opening in Protected View


The current version of Microsoft Office has a security feature to protect your computer and the network from documents which have been created in older versions with security vulnerabilities.  The document will open in "Protected View," which will allow you view the document but not edit, save, or print.  The document must be updated to a current version of Office in order to restore full functionality. 


If you see a yellow banner at the top of your document saying the document is in Protected View, submit a work order and either attach the file(s) to be converted, or provide the full network file path to the documents (ie \\staffserver2\departments\IT\Helpdesk\... filename.doc).  IT will update your document in a clean and secure environment and save it to a location you can access.  

Note that once your document is converted, it will not be backwards compatible with versions of Office older than 2010.  Your employee or student subscription to Office 365 gives you the option to either install Office 2016 on your personal devices or use the web version.  

For more information on installing Office 365, click here.



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