Popular Services

Here you can create a ticket to report on software or application problems or support needed.

If you are having difficulties logging in or have forgotten your username or password, use this service.

Wifi or Wired ethernet issues, and the devices that connect to our network.

Report non-working office and classroom computers, hardware and peripherals.

With this service you can request software installation on your office, classroom or computer lab.

Course Design and Support - assistance with the setup, usage, troubleshooting and maintenance of Brightspace courses. Additionally, if you need external publisher support please use this service

This service is used to send a picture to the SMCC Security department so they can create an ID card for you.  You are required to attach a picture - a head shot - which should include nothing more than your face and neck.

Please do not submit inappropriate pictures.

Request to purchase computer hardware and peripherals, e.g., mice, printer, screens, monitors, PC, or any other technology related hardware.

Request access to a network share or delegated email access.

Request computer moves and installation.

Use this service to request a loaner laptop

Report an issue or problem with an office telephone.

Meeting one-on-one with an Online staff member will provide tailored support to get you ready to migrate and build your courses in the LMS.

If you are experiencing problems AFTER using Brightspace technical support, or need technical support with Remote Proctoring, Video Conferencing, and Screen Recording services, please use this service.

Staff/Faculty, request a printer queue to be added to your office computer.

This is a service request for Zoom Licensing

Use this service to request one or more Microsoft Office files to be converted to the latest format.

Report IT-related security concern.

Use this service to request technical support with Zoom, Office 365, and SMCC Email.

Report an issue, problem, or non-functioning item with the MySMCC portal or website.

Request your own Zoom license

Add features like voicemail to email, twin to cell, a change to departments voicemail greeting and recordings.

Students, request a refund to a charged print job.

Request User changes, user access permissions, group modifications for Enterprise applications.

Use this service to request training on Brightspace Teacher training, Zoom video conferencing, Remote Proctoring and custom video tutorials.