I.T. HelpDesk

Review and request services which the IT department provides to you.
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The IT department is located in the basement of the Ross Technology building.

Categories (8)

Support for software and online applications issues, request software in classrooms, computer labs, and offices. Some examples of online applications include learning management systems, Jenzabar, Office 365, Google Apps for education(Email), etc.

All computer and telephone related requests including reporting non-working devices, request new/additional computer equipment or request a computer move/installation and changes to telephone features and recordings.

Use this category to notify the IT department of issues you encounter within the Citrix/MyWorkspace environment

Use this to report IT cyber security issues you have encountered, observed, or have directly been involved.

User account issues, logins, and application access requests.

Support services for SMCC wired and wireless networks, VPN, and Guest Wifi access. Additionally, you will find services for student dormitory devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Smart Speakers, Gaming Consoles, Smart TV's, Streaming Media.

Requests for refunds, printer or photocopier issues, and adding printers.

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