Overview of Wireless Networks - Which network is right for my device?

SMCC-Connect: Restricted network for setting up devices to connect to eduroam or continue as a guest user.

eduroam: primary wireless network for students, faculty, and staff devices. Users connect their device to the eduroam using the http://connect.smccme.edu onboarding tool. Uses WPA2-Enterprise authentication and allows users to roam to other educational institutions and automatically connect to the eduroam network using their 'home' SMCC credentials. 

For more information about eduroam at other institutions see the eduroam homepage at: https://www.eduroam.us

SMCC-Gaming: For gaming consoles and other devices that do not support the eduroam network. These devices include Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, SmartTVs, Smart Speakers (Echo, Dot, Google Home), AppleTVs, Rokus, and FireSticks. Students must register the MAC address of their wireless device by navigating to http://connect.smccme.edu and choosing the "Gaming Consoles" option. 


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